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FREE-to-run website'


Lots of small businesses really want a website link on their facebook page but don't want the hassles of buying a domain name and expensive hosting fees  


Here's a great solution!!

...Leave your competition behind by sending visitors to your own free-to-run website via facebook  


... Sending customers to your website from facebook is FREE...so there’s no need for any domain name costs or hosting costs      


... You can easily connect your website to Google at any time  






'Website Link-Only'

Go for option 1 if you just want to link straight to your  website from FACEBOOK and don't need your site to be  on Google 



'Getting Found on Google'

Go for option 2 if you want your website to appear on Google when customers are searching for you or services like yours.

How it works ..

Once you agree the design you then choose and register a unique name for it. The companies we use to register new names will charge you around £11 per year.

We'll then connect your new name to the internet for you so it can be found by Google and all other search engines. Companies we use for the connection will charge you around £6 per month which keeps your site up and running so Google can find you any time of the day or night. You can cancel this 

if you ever want to.


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